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“And it occurred to me that there is no such thing as blogging. There is no such thing as a blogger. Blogging is just writing — writing using a particularly efficient type of publishing technology.” Simon Dumenco, writer/blogger with Advertising Age



Jamie Dedes

Well, I’m back and with me my partners, Ann and Rob, and all of the wonderful writers and poets who have contributed and will continue to contribute to the richness of this blog. (Thank you!) Short story: I’ve been “occupying” or at least boycotting my former Internet Service Provider for poor customer service and for billing for services not rendered. This isn’t done in the spirit of meanness or revenge, but in the search for honesty and ethic and justice, though I will go to war if need be to get the billing corrected.  Meanwhile, after much research, I found new provider that has – according to online reviews and polling of friends – a better ethic and more reliability. One can only hope …

Most immediately, I plan to catch-up with our readers. I look forward to finding out what I missed in your blogs – your lives, your wisdom and joy, your art – over the past month. There is always the richness of spiritual practice, family, friends, books, music, and shows. Still, a vacuum was created during the month I was off-line. For your concerned email notes and for your comments here: thank you!

I have many fine submissions to organize for publication. Some require work before they can be published. I’m not sure how fast they’ll go up, but you won’t be disappointed when they do. Stay tuned …

 See you in the Blogosphere!

and, from all of us to each of you, thank you for reading and commenting here.



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10 thoughts on “WHILE I WAS GONE …

  1. I do not warm to the very word ‘Blog’ – in fact there’s a something perverse in me that usually deliberately mis-spells it when I’m suggesting that people might like to read my Bolg on such and such.

    I am old-fashioned enough to call what I write ‘essays’ which, in its original meaning, no everybody knows, means ‘a try’, an effort after meaning of some kind; the implication being that whatever one writes is incomplete, just a try at expressing some point of view and therefore intended for discussion – or else creating the space for the reader to think some more.

    At the ancient school I attended in the 1950’s we were still asked to write ‘essays’ and I modelled what I wrote on Elia and Carlyle and Chesterton amongst others; I still consider myself to be writing in their tradition. It is just ‘writing’ – why call it anything else? To call it a Bolg is to make out that it is something novel, never been done before… Writing ‘Trials’ is part of a long tradition which should be acknowledged.

    I have a particular purpose for collecting what I’m trying out in the efficiency of WordPress: what I write is a good way of collecting things together rather than leaving things hidden away in notebooks or on scraps of paper. Then when I’ve done a sufficient number of Bolgs they will become the groundwork for yet another book of philosophical ramblings called ROOM. So far I’ve got to ROOM FOUR. ROOM FIVE is nearly done and my WordPress efforts since last September will probably make ROOM SIX before long!

    Not Blogs or Bolgs but essays towards a book!


    1. That absolutely right, Colin, I do agree. You’ll not here that many of the posts come under the catagory of “essay.” And many of us are collecting our work for later publication in books, be they essays, fiction, or poems.

      This is an excellent way to do “trials” or “test drives” and it provides the satisfactions of immediate publication and feedback from readers. Wonderful!

      I’ll be over soon to see what you’ve posted since I was last online. I do enjoy your work.

      Thanks for your visit and well-considered comment.



      1. It is nice to see you here Colin. I have so enjoyed your writing on Linked In. I agree with Jamie. Many of my essays here are rough drafts of work I hope to later publish in a book. Like Jamie, many of my posts have come from “Midnight Musings” or dreams/associations that come early in the morning, my “liminal” time when I am paradoxically most “awake” and creative.


          1. Colin, Jamie is the “glue’ that holds it all together. She and Ann never cease to be a source of inspiration to me!


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