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In Memoriam: Jamie Dedes, Founding Editor

Jamie Dedes, z”l.
May her memory be for a blessing.

We received the note below November 8, 2020. We lost our beloved founding editor and editor-in-chief emerita on 06 November of this year. We all will miss her. She was a loving, caring, and creative person who gave everything to her art, to others, and to the causes of peace, social justice, and sustainability. Most of all, she loved her family and they loved her, caring for her gently to the very end.

— Michael Dickel, editor

Hello, everybody. I’m Richard, Jamie’s son. As you may know, Jamie entered hospice care on July 7. She wanted to be home for her remaining days. I honored this request and stayed with her and cared for her during this time. Though end of life is painful, she went through this period with characteristic resilience, thoughtfulness, and generosity. My being able to stay with her was just the latest gift in a lifetime of gifts she gave me. She passed at 10:00 PM Pacific last night (11/6). By grace, my wife Karen and I were at her side, holding her hands as she passed. Be comforted that it was an easy passing. I am only just starting to monitor her Facebook and email. Please be patient as I work through things. You will be hearing from me. Meanwhile, thank you again. She loved the Zine and the team. I have heard many great stories about you all and read many of your works. I like forward to connecting more soon. With love and gratitude to you all, Richard.


I am a poet, digital artist, editor of The BeZine (, co-publisher of Is a Rose Press (with gary lundy—, and educator. I am retired from the English Department at David Yellin Academic College of Education, Jerusalem, Israel. Finishing Line Press ( published my most recent poetry collection, Nothing Remembers (2019).

17 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Jamie Dedes, Founding Editor

  1. Michael,

    Sad news. My condolences to Jamie’s family and to all of you associated with BeZine. May your work in the future honor her memory.

    Christopher Woods

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  2. Jamie was gracious and generous. She befriended me on Facebook and sought connection. So humbling to be embraced by such a literary visionary.
    It’s most sad reading her sons account but I so pleased he held her hand. The valley of the shadow of death is just that…..a shadow without everlasting power. She’s home….greater than she’s ever been.

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  3. I feel a deep loss at Jamie’s passing and am glad to know she was with her family. Jamie was the first person to publish one of my earliest poems, through Rev. Terri Stewart. It was a poem that spoke about the incarcerated youth I encountered in my service as a chaplain. She gave a budding poet a real boost and did so without judgment. Jamie’s kindness and her commitment to poetry, peace and justice will always be with me and in the world.


  4. To Allah is our return. Respected Jamie Ji you live in our hearts .You will always be remembered and missed.You were an angel and a precious gem . Rest in peace in heaven.


  5. I am so sorry to hear of Jamie’s passing. She was a talented, warm, kind and encouraging writer and human being. The world has lost someone very special. Rest in peace.

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