Submission Guidelines


We suggest that you read our Intro and Mission Statement and at least one back issue of The BeZine before submitting work for possible publication.

The BeZine is published quarterly on the fifteenth of the month: March, June, September and December.

Please be mindful that our core team (The Bardo Group Beguines), guest contributors, and readers include and welcome the world’s diversity. Nonviolence, respect, and inclusion are core values at The BeZine


  • fiction, nonfiction, creative nonfiction, essays, poetry, art and photography, cartoons, music videos, reviews and interviews, and documentary videos.
  • feature articles should include sources.
  • poems based on news should include sources if possible.
  • work intended for our blog or for our quarterly issue (see details below).


  • Read our Introduction & Mission Statement.
  • Read these guidelines in full, including the material after them that gives details about themes and submissions periods of the quarterly online issue and about themes on the ongoing blog (rolling, rather than periodic submissions deadlines). Work that is not submitted during the stated submission periods will not be read.
  • Read The No-Nos at the end.
  • Work that is not on theme for the quarterly issue will not usually be accepted—although if related to any or all of our themes, moving, and timely, it is possible (see Themes below).
  • We accept previously published work. You must have the copyright, though. Please include prior public information and any relevant link if the publication is online. We want to promote other sites that publish our contributors.
  • We accept work that has been posted on social media. Do not provide links to social media posts. Simply note that the work appeared and on which platform.
  • We do not accept multiple submissions in the same genre for unsolicited material. See the genre guidelines for more information about what you may include in a single submission.
  • We do accept simultaneous submissions except during the reading period for the September issue (see themes and reading periods below)
  • Work submitted for the blog or an issue of The BeZine may be accepted for either, depending on our needs. If we do not accept for the one you submitted to, we would understand and abide by your preferences. So, we will give you the choice if we choose the other outlet from the one to which you submit your work.
  • By submitting work to The BeZine, you are confirming that you own and hold the rights to the work and that you grant us the right to publish on the blog or in the BeZine if your submission is accepted.
  • Please include a 50–70 word bio in the email and attach a square headshot .jpg (300 dpi at least 900 X 900).
How to submit
  • Only email submissions will be read.
  • Prose, poetry, and hybrid: please submit as a word processing file attachment (Word, Pages, Open Document, or RTF — NOT PDF, NOT GOOGLE DOC).
    • Work must be submitted in English and properly edited. Submissions in other languages are encouraged but please forward with a high-quality English translation.
    • Prose should be no more than 2,500 words without a query answered with an invitation to submit more. Flash fiction (750 words or fewer) is welcome, short stories (2,500 words or fewer), essays (2,500 words or fewer), and hybrid prose (up to 1,500 words). Work under 1,500 words will receive preference, as we are an online journal. Send an query for prose over 2,500 words that you think belongs in The BeZine.
    • Poetry send no more than three poems of less than 60 lines each, or 180 lines total (i.e., 1 poem = 180 lines, 2 poems = 180 lines, 3 poems = 180 lines, maximum). We prefer stanza or section breaks in longer poetry, but will make exceptions if we find the work readable and suitable for our audience without them.
    • We may make editorial suggestions for submitted work before we accept it. Please note that we are less likely to accept work where language errors (as opposed to clear experimentation) get in the way of its message or our reading of it. Please do therefore check your work carefully before submitting. We may on occasion send work we like back to the writer for copyediting.
    • For groups of works that you expect to be published together (for example, 3 poems or 3 flash fiction pieces), please suggest a short title for the whole group. If you don’t suggest, we likely will create one for the title of the page the group appears on. This makes our ToC neater.
  • Photographs or artwork: submit as an attached jpg file of high resolution (preferably 300 DPI at least 1800 x 1800). Do not submit files over 5MB, please. Note: We will proportionally resize accepted work to fit our format and layout of particular pages where the artwork is used. We may also use details from an art work on the same page it appears to decorate the text.
  • Video / music: submit links to audio or video work in the body of the email with a short (50–75 word) synopsis of the video and how it connects to the issue theme or our blog. If you submit music with lyrics, please include the lyrics in a separate word processing file (Word, Pages, Open Document, or RTF — NOT PDF, NOT GOOGLE DOC).
  • We accept previously published work, including work appearing on Social Media, so long as you hold the copyright. Please include relevant citations and links (we like to link to previous publications so interested readers might find new work / journals to read—this supports publications and editors who have supported writers whose work we include in our publication, so it is win-win).

You retain your copyright for work published in The BeZine or the Blog. By submitting to The BeZine, you agree to give us the rights to publish thee work on our site and to archive the work, if we accept your work.


We regret that we are unable to offer payment or editorial feedback. While we don’t offer payment, neither do we charge for submissions or subscriptions.

SEND SUBMISSIONS to this email only
  • March: sustainABILITY: shaping uncertain future(s) (January 15 -February 15)
    How do we choose the best paths to sustain (broadly defined) the Earth (focused on the climate crisis) our lives, our children’s, and our grandchildren’s? Broadly interpreted, this could range from sustaining ourselves as artists-activists to maintaining our efforts to heal the world (and slow climate change) through sustainable practices even during pandemic, economic and supply pressures, or political unrest.
  • June: Waging Peace: balancing global crises & needs (April 15- May 15)
    What do we mean by waging peace and can we do it while facing the other cracks in the world? Populism, nationalism, and fascism seem to breed on divisiveness globally, using divisive fear to build power, pushing competition over cooperation. So, how do we work together? How do we share resources rather than exploit (horde, deplete)? How do we wage peace collectively while also facing-off against pandemic, climate crisis, and economic inequity?
  • September: Social Justice: listening, learning, reaching out (July 15 – August 15)
    What do others tell us about their experience? How do we listen and learn? How do racial, economic and social inequalities affect people we know? What do we say to our children and who else do they hear?
  • December: A Life of the Spirit: Fuel for Change (October 15 – November 15)
    How do we fuel the engines of change for ourselves and others? How do we change? In looking at the previous three issue’s themes, how does life of the spirit provide the energy we need to change the world for the better? Can we find hope? Can we change? Where? How?
  • Work that is off theme will not usually be accepted, but we do make exceptions for some high-quality work that relates to our mission and all of the themes overall, or that is timely but related to another issue’s theme or to current events. Please state in your submission email that you are submitting off-theme and why you think it is would be suitable. It would help if you demonstrate familiarity with past issues when you do. (Also see Best Practices below, which is an ongoing issue and blog theme.)
SEND SUBMISSIONS to this email only
Ongoing theme for both blog and Issues

We are interested in learning about peace, sustainability and social justice initiatives that are working no matter where in the world. These will be considered for both blog and Zine. We encourage work that doesn’t just define or highlight a problem but offers solutions, especially when those solutions are already in place somewhere, proving productive, and might reasonably be implemented elsewhere. Indicate in your email subject line AND body if your submission is a “Best Practices.” We will consider best practices for either the blog or the quarterly issue, according to our needs. How to submit.

SEND SUBMISSIONS to this email only
  • We have not done much with the blog in 2021. You could help shape it by sharing your work for the blog, in addition to work you submit to the quarterly journal.
  • Please read the blog here to become familiar with what we post. Mostly, this year, it has been announcements.
  • Any theme related to the overall Mission is acceptable. If you have work that doesn’t fit the quarterly themes listed above, but does fit our overall mission, consider submitting it for the blog.
  • Submissions to the blog are open all year and reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • Submit work by email following general guidelines above.
  • How to submit.
SEND SUBMISSIONS to this email only
  • We also have in the past hosted a Virtual 100,000 Poets and Others For Change on the fourth Saturday in September. If you have an idea about how to revitalize this, send a query to the submissions email.
  • Occasionally we publish a special issue to address current world events.
  • How to submit.
SEND SUBMISSIONS to this email only

  • Work that expresses distain for a specific person or group of people.
  • Work that advocates hate or violence.
  • Poetry with a complicated or eccentric layout.
  • Odd fonts.
  • Whole works in italics.
  • Prose or poetry submitted against a colored background.
  • Submitting more than three poems at a time.
  • Submitting more than once in any given month.

How to submit.

The BeZine is a volunteer effort with a peace and justice mission

On behalf of The Bardo Group Beguines
and in the spirit of love (respect) and community,

Michael Dickel, Editor

Updated: 21 December 2022

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    1. We now have the word limits included. Note, that you have a longer piece, you may write to ask about our interest before sending. Be sure to tell us a bit about the work and to point us to other work you may have online, if you do.


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