Like A symbol yet unknown 

Looks like love sometimes hate 

Looks like faith cheating on hope 

Looks like fear breading on dreams

Looks like health depending on wealth 

Looks like strength hoping on age

Looks like status owing to power

Looks like trust standing on friendship 

Looks like hardwork depending on success 

Looks like greed in comfort 

Looks like laziness in contentment 

Looks like envy in wishes

What Manner of life is this

What sorcery is this 

Why lay claims to love life

When no one cares for but themselves 

A life where breastfeeding mothers feed no more 

A life where fathers flee from children 

A life where the world fails humans 

A life where nature cries for help

A life where death is celebrated more than life

A life where wealth is more valuable than life 

A life where the earth is a sinking hole

Oh! What manner of life is this?

© 2017, Michael Odiah

Discussion is welcome! Thank you ...

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