When thunder rolls on the mountain, I will remain small;
In a time of humility, I will cherish modesty’s virtue.
In a time of mourning, I will uplift with sombre reverence;
In a time of want, I will be resourcefully frugal.

If I should try to fly too high, my wings would be melted by a greater god.
So I will remain in the nest, where I am safe.

I will strive instead to be to be content with Self.
This is the greatest success imaginable.
I have nothing to prove to me or to others.
Posturing is unnecessary.
Strength lies in guileless sincerity ~
Mourning is selfless compassion.

Modesty is an unshakeable faith
That allows grace to flow to others
With no loss to Self.

– Niamh Clune

© 2013, poem, Niamh Clune, All rights reserved
Photo courtesy of morgueFile

430564_3240554249063_1337353112_n-1orange-petals-cover_page_001DR. NIAMH CLUNE (On the Plum Tree) ~ is the author of the Skyla McFee series: Orange Petals in a Storm, and Exaltation of a Rose. She is also the author of The Coming of the Feminine Christ: a ground-breaking spiritual psychology. Niamh received her Ph.D. from Surrey University on Acquiring Wisdom Through The Imagination and specialises in The Imaginal Mind and how the inborn, innate wisdom hidden in the soul informs our daily lives and stories. Niamh’s books are available in paperback (children’s books) and Kindle version (The Coming of the Feminine Christ). Her Amazon page is HERE.

8 thoughts on “Preponderance

  1. This one sounds familiar – a Dr. Clune special ~
    the mild side, with wisdom in perfect increments.

    “I will strive instead to be to be content with Self.”
    For being with one’s Self is never boring, ’tis true.

    🙂 Happy Nesting! Peace, Keith


    1. Thank you, Liz. It is not easy to allow grace to flow through when we are upset by something. But if we can, grace washes away the sorrow ~ or at least gives it perspective through the intangible. Thank you for your lovely comment.


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