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Quan Yin

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Photo Credit:

Quan Yin

merciful goddess
such compassionate goodness
(womanly essence)

embodies your soul
melds eastern and western worlds
cherry blossoms rain

– Victoria C. Slotto

I find that Quan Yin, the goddess of compassion, mirrors the Virgin Mary in Western Culture. Both figures capture the essence of feminine beauty and loving kindness.

© 2013, poem and all images, Victoria C. Slotto, All rights reserved

Victoria at the Palm Springs Writer's Expo March 2012
Victoria at the Palm Springs Writer’s Expo March 2012

jr-cover-2VICTORIA C. SLOTTO (Victoria C. Slotto, Author: Fiction, Poetry and Writing Prompts) ~ is an accomplished writer and poet. Winter is Past, published by Lucky Bat Books in 2012, is Victoria’s first novel. A second novel is in process. Jacaranda Rain — Collected poems, 2012 is available on Amazon, as is the hot-off-the-press nonfiction, Beating the Odds: Support for Persons with Early Stage Dementia. Victoria’s poetry collection and non-fiction book are free to Amazon Prime Members. Link HERE for Victoria’s Amazon page.


RN, former hospice nurse, kidney transplant survivor, spiritual seeker, novelist, poet—Victoria C. Slotto is the author of two novels: "Winter is Past" and "The Sin of His Father", a collection of poetry: "Jacaranda Rain," and a Kindle Single: "Beating the Odds--Support for Persons with Early Stage Dementia, " all of which are available in e-book and print formats. Use the link on my blog or visit my website at to purchase. Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Quan Yin

  1. What a great comparison, Victoria! I know Her as Kuan Yin, and learned of Her, first, because of her association with dragons, but I can definitely see the similarities with the Virgin Mother.


  2. Actually, Jamie, this is not the one in our entry way. I found our Quan Yin photo on my very old desktop but couldn’t figure out how to get it to my laptop. Waiting for the hub to rescue it, but he was crazy cooking all week. And thanks for the comment, Niamh. So many parallels.


  3. Thank you for this, Victoria, and – yes! – that is a lovely Quan Yin, even more lovely thank my own.

    This is an archetype that is so easy to love. A tender homage.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


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