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Who Turned On the Lights?

People find the light in their life in so many ways and places.  It can be as easy as turning on a switch.


Some find all the light they need in a sunset…

…or a moonrise.

Others find illumination in a church…

…a synagogue…

…a mosque…

…or a library.

Sacred is a place that lights up your heart.

It isn’t always easy to find…

Some look for it in food…

…at the bottom of a wine glass…

…or through yoga…

Some light up with the joy and anticipation of adventure.

And what constitutes an adventure is very personal.

Sometimes light comes in the form of a bright idea, a flash of inspiration…

The joy of creation in all of its many forms…

Everyone’s light shines through differently.  To each his own.

For me, love shines brightest of all.

It’s our life’s work and pleasure to follow the light…

…or to make our own.

It is there.

It is there.

It is there.

All words and images copyright Naomi Baltuck

NaomiPHOTO1-300ppi51kAqFGEesL._SY300_NAOMI BALTUCK ~ is a Contributing Editor and Resident Storyteller here410xuqmD74L._SY300_ at Bardo. She is a world-traveler and an award-winning writer, photographer, and story-teller whose works of fiction and nonfiction are available through Amazon HERE. Naomi presents her wonderful photo-stories – always interesting and rich with meaning and humor – at Writing Between the Lines, Life from the Writer’s POV. She also conducts workshops such as Peace Porridge (multicultural stories to promote cooperation, goodwill, and peaceful coexistence), Whispers in the Graveyard (a spellbinding array of haunting and mysterious stories), Tandem Tales, Traveling Light Around the World, and others. For more on her programs visit Naomi


When not actually writing, I am researching the world with my long-suffering husband and our two kids, or outside editing my garden. My novel, The Keeper of the Crystal Spring (Viking Penguin), can be read in English, German, Spanish, and Italian. My storytelling anthology, Apples From Heaven, garnered four national awards, including the Anne Izard Storytellers’ Choice. I am currently working on a contemporary women’s novel.

14 thoughts on “Who Turned On the Lights?

  1. The light of a computer screen in the middle of the night…. Seriously, my favorite ‘ringer’ in this group is the campfire. I’ve written poems to a campfire. 🙂


    1. Something there is about a campfire! I think it appeals to our most primitive selves. Thanks for sharing, Scilla. I am always interested in knowing which photo catches someones eye.


  2. I love your photo essays, Naomi. Every picture speaks a thousand words :). Perhaps should The Bearable Lightness of Being, rather than The Unbearable (with apologies to Kundera!).


  3. Wow! The pictures were absolutely delightful! And what a wonderful, important message. 🙂 I agree that love shines the brightest, but I disagree that you’re not a poet – you’re most certainly a visual poet, and I think photography is one of the hardest of the creative mediums to master. Bravo! So well done! I was trying to decide which photo is my favorite…I love the library, but am also drawn to the moonrise…but I think I like the sun on the wet stones? (3rd from bottom) the best. Such gorgeous texture. Thanks for making my night a lot brighter!


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