Janet Beasley, Niamh Clune
Clouds permission of Janet Beasley

AM I Fractured? By Niamh Clune

Am I fractured, when in the wrath of sunlight streaming ‘cross this sky,
I cloak myself in darkness
cool and safe?

Am I fractured if Colour speaks of secrets more ancient than this sun –
of a time before beginning,
when all was yet unformed, inherent,
ready to burst upon this Blue?

Am I fractured when I feel into tacit –
To probe thoughts never heard,
dreams never shared,
tears never shed?

Am I fractured if I return to Creation’s womb
to the fiery, Colour salamanders
that spark and illuminate my inner Heavens.

Am I mad for seeing into that other realm?
Then, so be it.
Far more beautiful is that Sun.
Where I unchain my weary spirit from this violent dawning.

Copyright Niamh Clune 2013

430564_3240554249063_1337353112_n-1orange-petals-cover_page_001DR. NIAMH CLUNE (Plum Tree Books Blog) ~ is the author of the Skyla McFee series: Orange Petals in a Storm, and Exaltation of a Rose. She is also the author of The Coming of the Feminine Christ: a ground-breaking spiritual psychology. Niamh received her Ph.D. from Surrey University on Acquiring Wisdom Through The Imagination and specialises in The Imaginal Mind and how the inborn, innate wisdom hidden in the soul informs our daily lives and stories. Niamh’s books are available in paperback (children’s books) and Kindle version (The Coming of the Feminine Christ). Dr. Clune is the CEO of Plum Tree Books and Art. Its online store is HERE.  Niamh’s Amazon page is HERE.

7 thoughts on “Am I Fractured?

  1. AM I Fractured? By Dr. Niamh Clune, brings the mind in search of time. As it touches spirit and travels the soul to seek what lies beyond the passages of life, whose time is relative and bears no boundary. Only does it ask for answers found in life’s journey, bringing open-mindedness home. Where it began, and where it rests. For such is the hand of God known: omnipresent, omnipotent and eternal.

    A glorious poem, Niamh Clune, PhD.


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