The Virus of Reason and Fear, A Fable

c 19

King Corona Virus adjusted his golden red crown, swept the purple robe around, holding it close, he placed himself elegantly, on the royal throne. For a few suspenseful seconds he cast his spiky eyes around, satisfied with what he saw he then raised himself a bit and addressed the gathering thus:

“O invisible flyers, poisonous strikers of the new generation ! Our agenda is well prepared for our most important mission. We start from the East, facing West we move from land to land, remember your target is a crowd, if you move away you are dead.Hit the person hard on impact. Keep in mind the greater good of this planet, the grandeur, the magnificence, the purity must return.’

“Colleagues, it’s time, let’s go”. The second Courtier called aloud.

“Just a split second Sire, let me recheck the Agenda”.  “OK, done”.

“A precious contract, materialized after thousands of negotiations, needs us to stay focused. Move by the Order of the Great Master”.

A thick red cloud began to ascend into the yellow space.

“Hey partner, keep guiding me”.

“Stay close, we treat all equally but there are some priorities according to the Agenda”.

“Priority one is the Environment. For this, first we meet the owners of all types of vehicles, who are deaf to the demands of  air protection”.

“Then we meet owners of airlines who release engine gas in the sky, poisoning many flying creatures. Next, the  war  vehicles , all must be stopped. Our second field of operation is the  Oil and Coal  Industry. At third place is the Food Industry which  cooks  and bakes  and grills in the open uncovered areas and pollutes the air every night, plus uses rotten stuff  unsuitable for people’s health.”

Partner One, kept marking the targets. The whole world was under attack.

Corona Virus , serious in demeanor, blank in expression but red in color and so circular in shape  soared  forward with considerable  speed. Soon the myriad contingent followed and in proper sequence, spread in their particular planned  routes.

“No animals or insects to be hurt, touched,  injured or made sick in any way”.

“Yes, Grand  King Corona”.

Meanwhile  on the Politicians Planet in the East, one place reflected hectic activity. Humanity was  terrified as the  attack came.  Breathing systems  being affected, began to collapse. Hospitals started to fill up, hardly any more space for more breathless bodies brought in.What was the cause of that illness? Doctors soon found out and gave it a name, “Covid-19”.

Corona Virus  gave a loud call, “Gather ye All, let us regroup and focus on the target.I want you to recall the reason why we have been sent here. See how humanity is locked down in their own homes?. The people are led astray, they forgot who they were,  spoke falsehood, and destroyed the purity of so many things. There are lessons in the coming of illnesses and plagues, if only people would understand. See how they wash their hands now, disinfect their streets offices and markets, why did they make such a mess in the first place?. To stay away at a distance, even between married couples is the rule, if one suffers our attack, both have to maintain distance and be alone till they are clean and  have recovered”.

The Virus Group was now closer to the target.

“The Hands the Hands, it is the Hands, The Hands, The Hands are to blame. Control them before they touch private property, before they take  illegal possession of things belonging to others, or reach out for pleasure, the most dangerous move of all. Look how they jump and shake and roll and scream with joy, drink  and  swear and waste precious life time.”

“Attack ! Attack ! .

Thirteen days now and still much land needs to be covered. King Corona Virus, again adjusted his crown. “From the East,  across the Middle Spaces, now onward  across the oceans. All air planes are on the ground,  we can travel with ease “.

Off they flew.

As they approached a large gathering,  someone remarked,

“And what are these long handles in the hands of, er, youth, they should be holding  books and notebooks.”

“After our attack they will, they should”.

“All the evil cannot go but surely a lot will”.

“Come, now towards the South, no place to be left behind”.

King Corona Virus led the pink fog and touching block by block, made way across the seas, across islands,  through the forests  but stopped at the foothills of the high mountains. “We shall take a respite here”.

“Turn around and look, see how the air is clear as no smoke emitting vehicles are running around, no oil throwing air machines in the air. See how the  hills look green and fresh, see how the streets are clean-no coke cans no shopping bags, no empty chips packets. How dirty can humanity become,  I am confused. Now look,  how the animals are happy,  roaming  freely on land which truly belongs to them”.

“Yes, peaceful coexistence must prevail.This planet belongs to all living beings.We need to use the natural resources with care.Everyone needs food water and clean air to breathe, make it sustainable, share with all, save for other’s needs”.

“Fear the Grand Master, find the right path, feel sympathetic, be human. Ah! humans are forgetful”.

Sometimes death is the only solution left.

© 2020, story and artwork, Anjum Wasim Dar


Writer Poet Awarded- Poet of Merit Bronze Medal 2000 USA. International Society of Poets Educator Researcher ELT Professional Married

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