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the notes that embrace you . . .

Editorial note and reminder: In eight days, Wednesday, October 23, at 7 p.m. we will host a second writing challenge  (Writer’s Fourth Wednesday) featuring Victoria C. Slotto, novelist and poet. The subject of this next challenge-yourself exercise is stream-of-consciousness. So writers mark your calendars for next week’s event. Mr Linky, which enables you to share your work with everyone, will remain open for seventy-two hours. Victoria and Jamie will visit all participants to read and comment.

Here Renne Espriu shares a poem for her mother …

file0001670280217-1the notes that embrace you

i see you dancing
on the floor of the
pizza parlor
a smile playing
across your face

where every note
that is pumped
out of the theatre
pipe organ
embraces you

plys your feet
with rhythm
only you would know
caring not that
eyes are watching

i see you even though
you are gone now
a memory that
spilled out of
the letter you wrote

-Renee Espriu

© August 2013, poem “the notes that embrace you”, Renee Espriu, All rights reserved
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c796b9e96120fdf0ce6f8637fa73483cRENEE ESPRIU ~ is a creative prose writer and poet. She began delighting us with her work at Turtle Flight, My Muse & Angels in March 2011. The work she shares with us there includes short stories. Renee is a daughter, mother, grandmother, and seeker of spiritual peace and soul-filled freedom. She’s studied at the graduate level and has attended seminary. She describes her belief system as eclectic, encompassing many faiths. She believes “Nature is the basis of everything that is and everything that is also a part of Nature.”