I thought I might tell it in music. I hope you enjoy listening.

From the CD Touching Angels:

430564_3240554249063_1337353112_n-1orange-petals-cover_page_001DR. NIAMH CLUNE (Plum Tree Books Blog) ~ is the author of the Skyla McFee series: Orange Petals in a Storm, and Exaltation of a Rose. She is also the author of The Coming of the Feminine Christ: a ground-breaking spiritual psychology. Niamh received her Ph.D. from Surrey University on Acquiring Wisdom Through The Imagination and specialises in The Imaginal Mind and how the inborn, innate wisdom hidden in the soul informs our daily lives and stories. Niamh’s books are available in paperback (children’s books) and Kindle version (The Coming of the Feminine Christ). Dr. Clune is the CEO of Plum Tree Books and Art. Its online store is HERE.  Niamh’s Amazon page is HERE.

16 thoughts on “When The Dreamer Meets The Dreamed.

  1. Many thanks for all your warm and generous comments. Music was my first career, and I recorded this a long time after I had given up music. John, I hope I m not boasting, but you brought it up about high notes…I did have a 4 octave range…and after I gave up singing, I learned to sing differently when I returned to it to do this. No effort is the key…and no force. I love this medium of poetry to soundscape with textural digital sound mixed with “real instruments.”


  2. I could not make it play. I tried twice, but each time it stopped at 15 seconds and 21 seconds. I had my volume high, but no sound came out. I did go to iTunes which allow for a few seconds of sound (but not enough). Interesting.


    1. Liz, you might try again. The problem is not Sound Cloud. Just guessing: Your Internet connection may have been in-and-out.As an alternative, you might pop over to Niamh’s Sound Cloud account and play it there. I’m not sure if that will make any difference, but you’ll get to hear a few of her other works then too. 🙂 Let me know how it goes. Jamie


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