Down the hill Winter bleeds unabated,
leaving behind the wounds we couldn’t see.
With all the trees gone I guess we’re fated
to find a pond where a pond shouldn’t be.

The ground’s still frozen ‘neath its epidermis,
so there’s nowhere but down the hill to go.
Up on top is where the earth’s the firmest,
but down here we’ve an inch of melted snow.

It’s nothing new, just how it goes come Spring
or whatever passes for that these days.
Lately you never know what March will bring,
another blizzard or mid-Summer haze.

It could end up the latter or former,
even both, since we’ve made Earth so much warmer.

If you want to argue or troll, find another poet. I’m too old, too sick, too tired and too sad to get in a pissing match about this. 

© 2019, poem and photo, Joseph Hesch

2 thoughts on “A Climate of Change

  1. Well penned, Joe. It can be so depressing, writing about climate change when you KNOW it’s happening, yet see so many who won’t believe it until the ocean is lapping at their doorsteps. I’d like to think that more and more people are waking up to the undeniable facts, though. There ARE people fighting for the climate and planet, and more are joining us every day. We only fail when we fail to try. The younger generations are trying, and there are a lot more of them who DO see the reality of Climate Change. We may yet be able to at least mitigate the damage we’ve done up to now.

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  2. I was speaking about climate change to a ‘colleague’ the other day, but the conversation was cut short by his argument that all this talk of climate change was a “load of Bo**ocks”. There are all sorts of facts and reasons I could have given to demonstrate that we ARE killing the planet, but sometimes you just know that some people are wired in a stubborn, bigoted sort of way that makes them somehow mentally disabled; incapable of accepting the scientific facts; acknowledging the inevitable. Sad, very sad. Keep up the good work, Joe. Keep fighting the fight with us.

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