October’s theme at the BeZine is “Visual Arts: Color, Shape, Movement and Meaning”. I hope that it is okay to share this dusty old post with all of you.  I think this story incorporates all of the elements mentioned above (Color, Shape, Movement and Meaning) and it doesn’t use one word, so it’s all strictly “visual”.

((I don’t often post my artwork, and since I haven’t been super inspired to write much lately, I thought it might be nice for this to see the light of day again. This was a project for a 2-D art class that my ex-husband was in, over 20 years ago. I kept the original project because he did not want it. He drew the people (I still suck at drawing people) and I drew the rest. We both colored it with Prismacolors and markers and the cover was a combination of fabric, paper, paint and other stuff. The project was to make a picture book by hand. No words were allowed and it had to tell a complete story. We called it “A Dragon’s Day” and “he” (we) got an A+ on it. Enjoy. 🙂 ))

* * * * * * * * *

© Michael and Corina Ravenscraft 1994

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