(Raanana, April 23, 2015)

If words were what they pointed at
Instead of just pointing at things
And sometimes instead of things,
Then I’d build a castle word by word
And weave a dress for you word by word,
I’d make a mirror and put your reflection in it
Word by word by word.
And the castle would stand on an island
Hidden by palm trees and words
Within words and mountains
Surrounded by a sea of words,
And only my ship of words,
Its sails filled with words like wind,
Could find my island of words.
If stars were stepping stones
From birth until death
And back again,
I’d step across the heartless night
Until I reached the morning.
If clouds were countries
That no army could conquer
Because horses and cannon would fall through,
I’d move there.
If God were a word,
In the beginning was the word He would say,
And if He were real
I’d believe in Him
Because He created my senses
Of things to believe in,
But He’s just a word others say
Instead of the thing He’s supposed to be.

© 2015, Mike Stone

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