American, But Not Alone | Chrysty Darby Hendrick

I live stretched too full within my skin 
Scarred by stretch marks from access to abundant plenty,
A walking sausage, over full and under moved. ;

I live stuffed in a house full of memories and clutter. 
But it’s the paper! I’m drowning in paper! 
Every day a new dead tree tattooed with cries of Buy Me Now Or You’ll Be Sorry! 

Can I clip enough consumerism out to make a difference? 
Can I paste enough of hope back in to learn to be free? 
Can I sustain myself while I aim to sustain so much more of our world? 
©2022 Isaac Wilfond (age 11)
I hear my tired heart reply: 
Yes! But not alone. 
Join hearts with others and together we can! 

©2022 Chrysty Darby Hendrick
All rights reserved


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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