Angels Asked for Peace | Adriana Claudia Rocha Gómez

Angels of hope

The streets are empty,
the sun is hiding behind the smoke
of dozens of explosions,
the morning next to the afternoon
cry after witnessing the chaos. 

There are angels,
singing songs of love,
so loud, so powerful,
in all languages,
across the world. 

These angels are poets,
through their art 
they are begging for peace.

The Swan No. 2 ~ emerging
©2022 Peter Wilkin


A child asked,
what is happening, sir?
The adult replied,
we are fighting
for our freedom,
heaven and ground
are the battlefields.
Child, share our story,
we die today,
as free people.

Call for peace

It is happening again,
this land is at war,
people are moving,
seeking shelter.
Spring Branches [cropped]
©2022 Miroslava Panayotova
Elders fire guns,
women stand to fight,
families say goodbye,
I understand their causes 
and I admire their decisions. 

Freedom is expensive these days,
acquiring it demands
rumbling sky,
shooting guns, 
and becoming a soldier. 

Here I am, next to 
thousands of human beings,
hoisting the white flag,
calling for peace.

©2022 Adriana Claudia Rocha Gómez
All rights reserved

Adriana Claudia Rocha Gómez…

…was born in Bolivia, she is a psychologist by profession. She is passionate about languages, poetry, photography and the psychology of education. Her love for letters began in 2019. Since then she has been writing her feelings in different literary spaces in Latin America, Spain and India.


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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