The earth quaked again in Italy and every hope of a normal day, a day without disquiet, went down with the houses and churches. All the State is in a state of emergency. In the chaos and fear and the concrete falling, it’s often difficult to remember our humanity. Some people were wounded. Some died.

Into this chaos and consternation, into this suffering came a group of artists. They decided to make a difference in a rather unique way.  Generally donations are of food, money, clothes and other things,  gathered and generously sent to people who are living these painful moments. These things are necessary. They address basic material needs, but what about beauty, art, culture and all those goods that help people to feel human? The Mantuan songwriter and balladsinger, Wainer Mazza, along with the Mantuan photographer Gianni Bellesia decided to collect as many works of art as possible to donate to earthquakes victims.

On Saturday, October 29th, artists, writers and songwriters gathered socially to share their interest in culture and tradition.  Each participant in that gathering brought paintings and books, and thirty donations were collected from all over the province of Mantua. The hope of Mazza and Bellesia is that more people will donate art to lend beauty to a place destroyed by nature and to help heal the people who lost their homes.

In April next year the first houses will be delivered to Arquata del Tronto and Amatrice people. At the same time the donations will be sent to the mayors of the towns for distribution. This is a wonderful example of charitas (charity), one of the three theological virtues.

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The artists and philanthropists  involved in the first donation evening were: Kiara Rossato, Wainer Mazza, Alfredo “Fredon” Facchini, Elena Bello, Claudia Vivian, Bianca Maria Solli, Katia Tonini, Bianca Bertazzoni, Alfonso Bertazzoni, Grazia Badari, Mendes Biondo, Elisa Macaluso e Desi Bronzati.

© 2016, words and photographs, Mendes Biondo

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