But what if the path to being the peace isn’t simply solitary?  What if the path runs through the human community. Perhaps being the peace encompasses much more than simply ourselves.

First, we show up.  Secondly, we interact.  Maybe we receive feedback.

Are we vulnerable? Yes. Might our mistakes hurt others? Yes. Are we ever let down by someone else? Yes. Are we less peaceful as a result? No.

Eventually, we learn communication, accountability, trust, and cooperation. Dependence, connection, kindness, and leadership commingle in a recipe for lasting peaceful existence.

For many, times of solitude may also be an integral part of the recipe.

But what if the path to being the peace is both-and:

solitary, sedentary, in retreat—
communicative, conflicting, cooperative.

While we’re all here together, why not be together and use the fruits from that community to improve ourselves and each other.  The strengthening of the communal spirit that results from a broader peace may very well be eternal.

—Paul Fullmer © 2018

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