Was Hound Dog written specifically for Big MamaThorton?

Lieber: Absolutely, the afternoon we saw her. Johnny Otis told us to come down to his garage in the back of his house, where he used to rehearse. He wanted us to listen to his people and see if we could write some tunes for them. MORE [via LAMENT FOR A STRAIGHT LINE, Jim Macnie’s Music Blog from: David Fricke‘s interview with Leiber & Stoller in 1990.]

At the risk of offending Elvis fans, I prefer Thorton’s version.

Jerry Lieber, the lyricist half of the team of Lieber & Stoller (Hound Dog and Jail House Rock among others), died on August 22.

In 1953, Big Mama’s version was on Billboard’s R & B charts for seven weeks. Presley’s version in 1956 made Billboard’s R & B, pop, and country-and-western charts. It was on the charts for eleven weeks.

3 thoughts on “Big Mama Thornton

  1. What an amazing face for music! Here’s a strange connection, but my other favorite animated singer is Cecelia Bartolli. Blues and baroque….doesn’t matter. What is felt in the music comes out in expression.

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