When I was in utero
my mother’s heart
would soothe me.
Then came that violent
an event known as
Now I walk barefoot
soaking up electrons
from Mother Earth,
a process some call
Creation is a violent
act, life explodes
into being.
It requires an equal
and opposable force,
a Peace,
to soothe the rawness
of all the pain
We are seeing.
The disconnection
from the self
and others,
the body,
to which the soul
does cleave,
is rendered
out of balance,
on the mind, body, spirit
from forces that would
Rob us of vitality
and like a cancer,
until we are no more than
protoplasmic automatons

waiting for
our time to die.
Life is the result
of billions of things
that must happen
and against enormous
We all must make
our peace with existence
whether through
or gods.

– M. Zane McClellan

Copyright ©2016
All rights reserved

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