Bodies and souls from
distraught lands shell out
thirty pieces of silver
to ride the waves to freedom.
Finding too late
that they have
paid the price of their
own betrayal,
overfilled, leaky craft
capsize, spilling warm blooded
cargo into cold blue seas

Souls float above
Broken bodies float below.
Some, still alive grab onto bits
and pieces of their dream
long enough for
those few who care to
to reach them, pull them out, —
But it is not well.
No, it is not well for their souls
nor for ours.

© 2019, Joan Leotta

One thought on “Boats on Blue

  1. My heart aches for those who give up everything, risk everything, just to find a better life. I still remember stories like the one of the toddler found on the beach and it breaks my heart again. They do not even realize how much hate is often waiting for them if and when they make landfall. Sometimes I wonder if the ones claimed by the seas are the lucky ones. I’d like to think that they all have an equal chance to make a better life for themselves and their families, wherever they end up. This was a stirring piece. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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