Sunshine scrapes rust of rod iron railings
shimmers cobwebs on balcony plants
and what doesn’t spill on cobblestones below
streams through open windows
stretches on waking bare limbs
dries dreamless nights’ last drop of sweat
dewy stance poised on threshold of consciousness

a Mediterranean sky absorbs the city’s vibrant colors
scent of the sea in blooming trees, in sun kissed hair
on young girls’ skin glazed with a hint of Bain de Soleil
home as sweet and safe as God’s lure of heaven

street vendor’s voice calling price of peaches
insulate the morning a familiar soft hue
rituals of coffee and idle gossip trill
the humid air in narrow alleys
radios blare love songs through shutters
on yellow walled buildings
diffused in city noise and coo of doves on ledges
they fade in wall crevices storing a city’s secrets

bounce of gold crosses between breasts
colorful hijabs ’round others’ bare face
friendships seeded in borrowed sugar, borrowed time
she, unaware of borrowed wailers on their way
makes plans on a sunny balcony as she hangs
her blue jeans on a clothesline
moments before war drums ripple through crisp calm

– Silva Merjanian

© 2015, poem, Silva Merjanian, All rights reserved; originally published in Rumor (Cold River Press).  Proceeds from the sale of Rumor go to the Syrian-Armenian Relief Fund

4 thoughts on “Borrowed Sugar, Borrowed Time

  1. You have so many good images in this, and the wording, pacing is just wonderful! I especially liked the twist at the end, as I did not expect it. It kind of underscores the beauty of all the lines that come before it. Thank you for sharing this thought-provoking and well-written poem with us. 🙂

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