Bullied to Insanity

Bullying_on_Instituto_Regional_Federico_Errázuriz_(IRFE)_in_March_5,_2007A Social misfit. He never fit in
Awkward movements and pasty white skin
They bullied him to a Life of Sin
Now he won’t take it

Never again

They had friends while he had none
They’d swing their fists and he would run
He cried in the dark, cried under the sun

And then he went and got a gun

Society says lets ‘Arm the Teachers’
Against these ‘Devils’ without a Preacher
When he walks in – we Shoot to Kill
Everybody up, lets Fire at Will!

Kill the kid who was Beaten down
Instead of teaching children all around
In his own blood, now he must drowned
Lessons learned?

Not a sound

We can beat this problem before it starts
If we pause and Think. Have a Heart
Move the killings down the chart
With knowledge that we can impart

Kill the Bully – mentality
Make social strides we all can see
It starts at home with You and Me
Teach kids to live in Unity

– Brian Crandall

© 2016, poem, Brian Crandall, All rights reserved; photograph courtesy of Diego Grez-Cañete under CC BY-SA 3.0 license


I am a freelance writer, poet, content editor, and blogger. I also manage "The BeZine" thebezine.com and its associated activities and The Poet by Day jamiededes.com, an info hub for writers meant to encourage good but lesser-known poets, women and minority poets, outsider artists, and artists just finding their voices in maturity. The Poet by Day is dedicated to supporting freedom of artistic expression and human rights. Email thepoetbyday@gmail.com for permissions, commissions, or assignments.

3 thoughts on “Bullied to Insanity

  1. Well said, Brian. I think you nailed it, regarding stopping bullying by teaching our children better values at home. However, consider parents in this country and how *they* are bullied (by the Media, by entities like the NRA, by political talking heads, etc.) into thinking that we all *need* guns to solve our problems…I imagine that it is hard to be a parent who espouses peaceful values like unity if you own a gun because you’re so afraid – when fear and hate-mongering saturate our western culture.


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