Burn…Burn…Burn | Tamam Tracy Moncur

Planet Earth rotates on its axis         oblivious to the  doom
            soon to grip the inhabitants
The temperature  rises             bubbling snow atop glaciers
          evaporates into the atmosphere
Polar bears go in search of their homes.
The ocean swells up in despair          the rainforest weeps in
Fires flicker            dry grass ignites              orange red
flames dance            across the parched land
     screaming sirens signal            the need to evacuate
             before it’s too late
Crisp air chokes on pollution         Climate shrugs in disbelief
Fossil fuels burn            toxic gases escaping
            into the troposphere          send ribbons of smoke
     spiraling upward           into the stratosphere
            penetrating the ozone layer.
Ultraviolet radiation bent on destruction.
     Smirks at life on earth
The sun rises and sets with precision         mocking man on his
     collision course with destiny

NASA’s Aqua Satellite Captures Devastating Wildfires in Oregon, September 2010
Credit: NASA Worldview

Poem ©2023 Tamam Tracy Moncur
All rights reserved

Tamam Tracy Moncur…

…writes for the sheer pleasure of writing and has been doing so from the time she was a teenager. She has been a Civil Rights activist, taught elementary school for twenty-five years, worked with her husband, Grachan Moncur III, arranging musical compositions and performing with him on different occasions. She also self-published a book entitled Diary of an Inner-City Teacher. She wanted the reader to see the classroom experience from a different perspective. Now she is a retired teacher and a seasoned senior who still loves to write. Currently she is the director of the House of Love Soup Kitchen/Pantry. Her short story, Phantasm, recently appeared online in Rigorous.

Mercer Street Blues (blog) / House of Love Soup Kitchen (blog)


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