Children’s Eyes, Across the Border | Faruk Buzhala

Children’s eyes

When children play the game of war,
The ground quakes under foot,
The air smells like gunpowder,
The water turns to a hue of colors.

When children play the game of war,
They dig pits,  they dig graves,
They smile quietly, cry out loud,
Intuition keeps them hanging in the sky.

When children play the game of war,
Hearts beat at a fast pace,
The weakened bodies require rest,
The eyes look there, where hopefulness breathes.

Across the border

Persecuted on all sides
with grounded hopes deep in our souls
with the question almost dissolved on our lips
will we meet again?

Mother, brother, sisters, cousins and friends,
The war adds  meaning to life,
comparable with nothing else.

I fled the border that separates
the buzz of war with a false calm;
I look forward to doing something,
Freedom to leak out of  the sky!

Petro Stolyarenko
Ukrainian (1925-2018)

©2022 Faruk Buzhala
All rights reserved

Faruk Buzhala…

is a well-known poet from Ferizaj, Kosovo, writing in his mother-tongue, Albanian. He was born in 9 March 1968 in Pristina. He is the former manager and leader of “De Rada,” a literary association, from 2012 until 2018, and also the representative of Kosovo to the 100 TPC organization. In addition to poems, he also writes short stories, essays, literary reviews, traveltales, etc. Faruk Buzhala is an organizer and manager of many events in Ferizaj. His poems have been translated to English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Croatian and Chinese, and are published in anthologies.


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