Crawfish / Haiku 2020 — Dennis Formento

The Crawfish

the little crawfish that nipped my finger 
has the coolest job on earth

rolling clods of wet humus
into moist balls 

to build a chimney & bring 
rich dark earth to the surface 

its chimney had closed somehow, so
I turned the tower over with my foot
thinking I did him a favor
opening an air duct

a cardinal mistake—

this tiny crawfish emerged 
from the thick gray mud
claws raised toward me
flexing & threatening

so I slipped a finger beneath it 
to lift it back into its hole
the mudbug pinched me hard
a little fold of skin

bunched up between the pincers, the mudbug
not half my thumb’s length 
squeezed it tight
today that hole was plugged again 
from the inside

when the weather’s warm & dry 
the crawfish rolls another ball
capstone to close the chimney 
and hold moisture in

until late winter rain 
or a much too early spring

Haiku 2020

“may we all have better vision in 2020”

          picked off my hand
the ant that just bit me
          —I might have killed it—

          two bumblebees buzzing
	             belly to buttonhole
	             zizz over my head

                     turning over 
                     the garden shovel and-- 
                     out drops half a worm

second night of quarantine
          —the smell
of someone else’s barbecue

carpenter bees on 
corner of the garage next door  
eating the building            

The clouds are about 
to drop from the sky
Aw! They crushed the moon!

a curtain over
          the window keeps lightning
                    from coming in


“it's either in this world
              or never”

waiting for the wind
          to raise a ruckus
                    tornado warnings again

it was just a handful of rain
          flung out of a cloud onto
                    the sidewalk

©2021 Dennis Formento
All rights reserved

Dennis Formento promises never to write a bio longer than the average poem. He lives in Slidell, Louisiana, Mississippi Bioregion, USA. St. Tammany Parish co-ordinator of 100,000 Poets for Change. Author of Spirit Vessels, Cineplex, Looking for An Out Place. Poem “Amarcord,” appeared in English and Italian, in Americans and Others: International Poetry Anthology, Camion Press, 2nd ed., 2020. Poem, “the floe of ice,” performed with Simone Bottasso on organetto, is on Youtube  at 

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