Creation View | Dessy Tsvetkova

Creation day

The day when God made Oceans,
The moment when Goddess touched the Sea,
Extraordinary motions set planet Earth free
By the love of God and her majesty, Goddess-Queen.

My view

Blue Royal
©2022 Dessy Tsvetkova
The light inside of me
is probably the colour of my soul.
The hands who help sometimes,
perhaps are sent from God.
Each time I fall,
some angels come to support me.
The light inside is probably my divine part.
I hope some day I will be sent like an angel to someone.
That should be our reason to live...

©2022 Dessy Tsvetkova
All rights reserved

Dessy Tsvetkova…

…is Bulgarian and writes poems in Bulgarian and English. She lived in Luxembourg and currently lives and works in Belgium. Dessy has publications in many Bulgarian magazines and newspapers, also in Romania, Belgium, USA, India, Peru, Philippines. She has 4 books in Bulgarian, 1 in English, and she has also compiled a book as translator from Bulgarian into English, an anthology of Bulgarian top authors. She writes about nature, love and God, and her accent is the positive message at the final. Member of Flemish Party for Poetry. Editor in Homagi International Web literature magazine.


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