death / renewal | Ira Director


I like the smells

and our body
juices mixing

anointing us

for springtime

Final Mercies

The Watcher at the gate
bares her breast
to suckle the corpse:

we do not kiss the dead
there is too much
in death, and

the lines in our faces 
betray us

                    originally published in ARC 26 by the IAWE

Here it is Spring Again

I’ve written too many poems
in your name 

to tell of love dying 
as the earth renews itself, 

to wear as a badge 
a dried crow’s claw 
at my breast

©2022 Ira Director
All rights reserved

Ira Director…

…holds a BA in Philosophy from the USA and a Masters in English and Poetry fromBar-Ilan University. His poems have been seen in journals, e-zines and art exhibitions where they increasingly are integral to his paintings. In 2002 I instituted Poetry from Bar-Ilan a program for Bar-Ilan’s poets to read their works in public venues, and produced the annual program for 8 years. His integrated poetry and paintings, along with other artworks can be viewed at the website link below.



Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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