Dictators, Desperados, and Democracy Revisited

Nearly eight years ago, I wrote a rather lengthy diatribe on my blog, ‘Forty-Two’, which gloried in the title “Dictators and Desperados … Delegation and Democracy“. I came across it almost accidentally last week and was rather chilled to perceive that it was prophetic.

If you should have some spare time, this article is on my blog ‘Forty-Two.’

The crux of that essay, given what was happening in Greece at the time, their economic slide into crisis, the effect on the Euro and with some help from a Greek friend, was something that I always felt could happen here, or in any of the major economies of Europe and, it seems anywhere in the world, particularly in vulnerable economies (which Greece had at the time). We live on the edge of chaos and the threats to democracy are as great as ever. I feel no shame in declaring that these threats are being engineered by external agencies, sponsored by other national interests with all the corruption and chaos that proceeds from this. I could write a thesis on how the world of yesteryear, when nations invaded other nations, is still happening, only less by military force and more by less visible economic force. Read, if you will, the “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins.

Call it conspiracy theory or what you like, let’s not beat around the bush, the Corporatocracy is having a severe and damaging effect not only on Western democracy but also on the planet itself!

The rising presence and exposure of the resistance campaigns, like the youthful Greta Thunberg’s climate change awareness and the ‘school climate strike’ movement, means the opposition and climate change deniers are ramping up their own dirty tricks. But the fact that youth and school children have begun to get involved has crystallised the thoughts of more senior members of society, politicians, particularly of the green variety, and thus public awareness. Slowly but surely, we are making some ground, but we cannot underestimate the evil but nonetheless powerful and influential individuals, some of whom are faceless and very unpublicised figures, (I apologise for the strength of my language here), who continue to rape this Mother Earth of ours.

It is late and this is a late submission, so my language is somewhat less subtle than my poet spirit and muse would prefer, but I leave you with this thought: can you conceive of the sustainability of this movement, this youthful refreshing movement of the future generation, such that they will achieve change, maybe subtle and slow, but nonetheless change? A change in our model and the processes of democracy, which has become marred by the forces of greed.

I still live in hope.

© 2019, John Anstie


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One thought on “Dictators, Desperados, and Democracy Revisited

  1. “…the Corporatocracy is having a severe and damaging effect not only on Western democracy but also on the planet itself!”

    I have called the Corporatocracy “Corporate Feudalism.” The CEOs are the Feudal Kings, and politicians their vassal lords. They fund the election of leaders of countries as figureheads.

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