Divides Time | Daniel Weiss

That Which Divides

As I wended my way on the winding, wooded Highway One,  
Towards Jerusalem , while light was shining from the sun. 
Triumviral in belief, the City of Gold,  
Which just happens to be a few thousand years old.   

I arrived at my college and gazed upon the quad, a 
     sea of color. 
At least it makes life a little less duller.  
Attire in various forms, all red, blue, black and white. 
At the very least nobody is thinking about who to smite.  

Milling around and convening, together but separate.  
Acting out of true nature, and not as some replicate. 
Learning the lessons of life, 
In order to lead others without strife.   

Hijab or turban. Kufi or kipah. 
Some spotlight divergence, others to the obsession, 
Until it becomes a woebegone regression. 
I, for that matter, prefer to concentrate not on
     ‘that which divides’,  
But rather focus my energy where commonplace resides.       

Spirit of a Place
©2021 Gerry Shepherd

Time is the Final Currency

Dedicated to the late David Crosby.
A line by David Crosby, 
That isn’t meant to be somewhat frosty, 
Who sang about a voice too distant, eyes too blue. 
Laughing in the sun, living a life so true. 

If only I could remember my name,  
And all my fellow travelers, what are THEIR names? 
I can recollect flying eight miles high, 
As it inspired me to let my freak flag fly. 

If you find yourself in the shadow or the shade, 
The message is out there, if only it could be conveyed. 
‘If the blue tones make you lonely, and lonely leaves
     you scared’,  
Sing out loud till the light shines on you, till everything
     is repaired. 

Time is the final currency. 
So, shouldn’t we spend it a little more frugally? 

Fear echoing her anguish cries,  
Singing on a blue moon, ‘behind blue eyes’. 
And somehow she knew… 
And the Hero, he just knew… 

Lights in my mirror, increase my paranoia,  
Towering like a giant Sequoia,  
It’s something suspicious, something we cannot ignore. 
We’ll intuitively think, ‘we’ve all been here before…’ 

We’ve all met a man who said he knew what was going on. 
How it’s gone forever and been a long time gone. 
Time is the final currency. 
So, shouldn’t we live life with a little more
      sense of urgency? 

Audio ℗1971, 2021 Atlantic Recording Studio
Music and Words ©1971 David Crosby

©2023 Daniel Weiss
All rights reserved

Daniel Weiss…

…Daniel Weiss was born in Hollywood, CA, graduated as a psychology major from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Received his PhD at the Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet, Kiel Germany in linguistics. He has been a community organizer, musician and Waldorf teacher.


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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