Uncover the striated complexity
Of the ethnically diverse
Like compressed layers
Of sediment

Accumulated by every person
Over the vast expanse
Of time carrying
Us forward

Where there is, no playing field
But only discovering
Dovetailed links
One beginning

Do not espouse your perfection
But embrace all hearts
Open all doors
To differences

Skin colors bright as rainbows
Lifestyle only as life
All disabilities
Works of art

To those who hold disease
As angels upholding us
Giving us strength
To carry on

Strength is only in creation
Of those understanding
acceptance as grace
with eyes open

do not eschew sameness of all
but uniqueness of design
remembering beauty
of complex diversity

these are the coalesced wonders
bringing all life together
increments of being
pinpoints of light

© January 2017 Renee Espriu

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