Dream Thread Snow | Carla Scarano D’Antonio

After the dream

Because my soul is a hollow husk today
in search of love
I pocketed my sorrows
the lone pain, insane.

I live in the nothingness of a bramble
immersed in the tangle
surrounded by light
I cannot grasp.

It won’t be me
it won’t be me
to reach for, to absorb the light today,

another day, another time will be different.
I’ll face the old scars
the changing of water in the air.

Tree and Cloud
©2023 Gerry Shepherd

Broken thread

The thread curls


it’s there
loose pieces hang

still there
repeat repeat

renew reshape


Snow haiku

The whiteness descends  
purifying the air 
silence breathes. 

The fragile pavement  
highlights footprints 
tyres stripe the melting road. 

Bushes glitter  
in the moonlight  
shades of silver. 

©2023 Carla Scarano D’Antonio
All rights reserved

Carla Scarano D’Antonio…

…lives in Surrey with her family. She obtained her Master of Arts in Creative Writing at Lancaster University and has published her creative work in various magazines and reviews. Her collections are Negotiating Caponata (2020, Dempsey & Windle) and Workwear (2022, The High Window). She completed her PhD degree on Margaret Atwood’s work at the University of Reading and graduated in April 2021.

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