Earth Song | VOCES8

Earth Song

In light of the theme of this edition of The BeZine, I can’t help feeling this beautiful song rising to the surface again. Sung by the peerless octet, Voces8, it is Frank Ticheli’s timeless composition ‘Earth Song’. The lyrics fit so well with the theme… “Sing, Be, Live, See…Peace”

—John Anstie, Associate Editor

“Earth Song” by Frank Ticheli
Performed by VOCES8
Sing, Be, Live, See.
This dark stormy hour,
The wind, it stirs.
The scorched earth
cries out in vain:
O war and power,
You blind and blur,
The torn heart
cries out in pain.
But music and singing
Have been my refuge,
And music and singing
Shall be my light.
A lightof song
Shining Strong: Allelulia!
Through darkness, pain, and strife, I'll
Sing, Be, Live, See...

Earth Song ©2007 Frank Ticheli
Performance ©2020 VOCES8
All rights reserved


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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