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Of all the heroes and heroines,

The ones unsung,

Are the ones I like best.

Of all the super-heroes’ skins,

Quiet humility cloaks the best-dressed.

They give the rest of the world a smile,

Those “little people” all over the planet,

Selflessly making our lives worthwhile,

Whose sacrifices we take for granted.

If you can read this,

Thank a teacher.

Free to speak your thoughts?

Thank a soldier.

The “value” of the jobs of each were,

In the mind of each beholder.

My superheroes are the common men,

And women who “practice random acts

Of kindness and senseless beauty”, and,

Whose inner radiance attracts.

This goes out to all of you, who,

Give of yourselves each and every day,

Practice compassion, speak kindly to

Those who need YOU to guide their way.

All of you, who sing and dance with light,

All of you, who speak for the voiceless masses.

All of you, who make the world’s wrongs right,

All you Clark Kents with your taped-up glasses…

You may not wear capes,

Or an “S” on your chest,

But YOU’RE the superheroes that I like best!

You have my thanks,

And admiration, too.

The world is so much better

Because of people like YOU!

~ C.L.R. ~ © 2011

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