Fiqoo the Farmer and the March of the Water Drops

Fiqoo, the village farmer, wasted a lot of water. The other farmers knew about it but they could not do anything because Fiqoo would get very angry and start shouting. As a consequence, water became more and more scarce by the day.

The people said, “The crops will not grow and we all will die if we don’t start saving water today.”  The Water Drops, terrified of the situation, gave an emergency call and got all their friends together. Out came the tin cans, the spades, the buckets, the only clay water container called Gharra and his buddies.

The plan was to start a March to Save the Water. They would march together up to the fields to try and convince the farmer.

When Fiqoo saw them coming he knew that it was something serious. He did not shout but was alert and concerned. “Fiqoo Babaji, we must save water in the village. The crops need it. They will not grow and all life will be in grave danger. You must stop running water when the earth is sufficiently saturated.”

“Oh, I do! I do but sometimes I go to sleep and feel so lazy.”

“No water. No crops. No crops, no food. No food, no people, no animals, no insects. No nothing!”

The chorus grew louder and louder.

“STOP. Stop, yelled Fiqoo. I promise I will take care. I’ll never waste water again.

“Sign! Sign! Sign an Agreement the citizenry demanded and everyone was happy when the agreement was signed and adhered to.

The village was finally on way to water sufficiency. There was a ray of hope for the future.

Lesson: Together we can solve problems and together we can save for our needs

Saving water must be encouraged

© 2019, Anjum Wasim Dar


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2 thoughts on “Fiqoo the Farmer and the March of the Water Drops

  1. What a good story! So true and relevant. I wish more people in the Western world would realize how much they take clean water for granted. Thank you for sharing with us, Anjum Wasim Dar. 🙂

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  2. I like this story because it talks of community and collaboration. It speaks of common sense and courage. We need not fear the corporatocracy, whose money and power (and loud lobbying voice) always seem to carry the day, but we do need courage in abundance to fight for what is right; that all life on Earth has a right to clean water, and shelter, and food.

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