flint stallion — Chinedu Jonathan

The Female Christ - crucifixion - Peter Wilkin
The Female Christ – crucifixion – Peter Wilkin

flint knife

you have sworn to cut us asunder
and scoop out a nation
flowing with milk and honey
circumcise the hearts of our sons
they are no longer led by drunks
they are now old enough to withstand costly battles
to drag their father’s ghost by it’s collar
men who willfully wasted away in this wilderness 
let your love fall like rain from the heavens 
let your harvest bring forth tender vine
roll away their shame of enslavement 
scrape from the bosom of their rot 
tyranny that will accompany withered desire
become again manna,
appearing from dew,
upon the roofs of our palette.

wilderness stallion

i once came across an unusual apparition 
whose hair strands were made of chrome
it was filled to its brim measure
with mangroves of dishevel thistle and torn
and definitely weighed a hefty tonne

she painfully crawled towards me
shedding profuse tears from the corner of her brow
high-jacked with the broadest of resilient candor
i couldn't believe my whole eyes
her laughter in its midst had an effervescent effect

on my entire life's perspective
i raised her up till her lifeless feet dangled lazily
it infused more seriousness to the texture in her tone
she gave me a gentle peck on my right cheek
and whispered into my left english speaking ears

"Life is whatever you decide of it…"
i tried to comprehend..but it was too late
i never even had the chance to say goodbye
she had already permeated inside every iota of me
leaving her monstrous baggage astride the foot of the Cross…

©2017–2021 Chinedu Jonathan
All rights reserved

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One thought on “flint stallion — Chinedu Jonathan

  1. Thank you for sharing these with us, Chinedu. While some of the imagery is slightly disturbing, your poems ask the readers to think upon some serious and close-to-the-heart subjects. What I find most interesting is that I cannot tell if you are asking seriously or taking a tongue-in-cheek stance towards religion…and that makes the poems even more intriguing. 🙂


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