I remember her arse.
The strut, stalk, bounce,
as I played percussion behind her.
Watched her stomp and prance,
as she held the room.
Purred, tore lyrics from her throat
as if her heart  was being rent
from her body.
She fronted that band
like a boxer fronts his opponent.
Staked her claim,
then led  through pain, tenderness,
to a great well of feeling.
Framed by lyrics,
her soul was transparent.
Brimmed with agony, melancholy,
soft sweet joy, all the angst
of a broken heart.
She left us early.
Another soul full of talent and torment
who found reality unkind
and rooms chilled  
without a spotlight’s nourishing sun.
Now time cannot spoil,
nor rub away her spark.
Will not lay more pain upon her.
Somewhere, her voice is heard.
The arse defiantly shimmying
across a celestial stage.
© 2017, Miki Byrne
 Gilly was lead vocalist for the Band The Dangerous Sisters.

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