Four poems for peace | Dessy Tsvetkova

Converting life

Frozen red snowflake,
soaked in someone's blood…
Procession of people, cars and suitcases…
Chaos in the sky,
explosions on the balconies…
Which is more expensive,
a drop of blood
or a drop of gas?

War should stop

The world is mad today, 
after all the suffering and pain, 
we lost our peace again… 
The innocent children had to pay
with their life, with abyss, so hollow 
that war creates into human souls… 
Poor child, may God save you 
from that horror…

“No victory brings the dead back”

We sent carriers pigeons,
we built crystal bridges,
on rice paper we wrote prayers,
we entered in the temples…

Let's take another look at smidgens…

Any dispute can be resolved by force,
but better with a conversation…
Wisdom wins, wisdom may bring salvation…

May God send the Peace angels 
to end this course…

The dove

Let the dove
Let him take flight 
above the frenzied brains,
above the tormented souls,
to give them peace…
It is time, please!

©2022 Dessy Tsvetkova
All rights reserved

Dessy Tsvetkova…

…is Bulgarian who writes poems in Bulgarian and in English. She lived in Luxembourg and currently she lives and works in Belgium. Dessy has publications in many Bulgarian magazines and newspapers, also in Romania, Belgium, USA, India, Peru, Philippines. She has 4 books in Bulgarian, 1 in English, and she has also compiled a book as translator from Bulgarian into English, an anthology of Bulgarian top authors. She writes about nature, love and God, and her accent is the positive message at the final. Member of Flemish Party for Poetry. Editor in Homagi international Web literature magazine.


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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