From the Desk of a Shotgun Survivor

Drop your weapons America!
And make your country great again.

The fact is the increase of reoccuring incidences of gun violence in America today is a symptom of a sick society’s dependency on weapons. A gun, a mechanism designed to cause harm, has become a central figure in the lives of too many Americans. And we are all paying the price for it.

More and more of our citizens are worshiping a piece of steel above God, family or vocation. I do understand why this has happened: In essence, God, family and vocation have eluded these forsaken people … and afterall we all need something to lean on.

For many, a gun is no longer a a tool, but a “crutch”. It is used primarily to alleviate a person’s insecurities, while falsely boosting confidence, self-esteem and personal power. Sound familiar? Sort of reminiscent of that Leonard Cohen song: “And everybody knows that you live forever Ah when you’ve done a line or two…” don’t you think?

Guns are the next “opiate” to hit the scene. And gun advocates and gun manufacturers are as irresponsible and as greedy as some doctors and the pharmaceutical industry are this country.

Today, in hospital emergency rooms all over America, sick people are being convinced: “You have the right to control your pain.” And in bars and at dinner tables around our nation, that same propaganda is pushed out sounding something like this: “You have a right to defend yourself.”

Unfortunately, people who are in spiritual and emotional pain are turning to their guns for relief and that relief comes in the form of violence. One day a man is praised for being a “great guy”, the next day … he has shot his wife. Same guy, with the same gun cabinet, with the same permit to carrry. He was never a problem before! Right?

Well here’s the problem: A gun as a “prop” doesn’t support a person’s personal growth. It is like giving a child who can’t swim a life jacket instead of teaching the child the skills he needs not to drown.

I know how to make America great again: Give up the “cruch” and challenge yourself to be stronger. Or encourage the people you love to be the best versions of themselves without their guns.

Do the unthinkable: Drop your weapon.

Written by Evelyn Augusto for Guns Don’t Save People Poets Do: Dueling with words to stop gun violence. 2018


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