Ghosts that invade | Dennis Formento

Silence, still, quiet

Still, quiet, silence the mind
The ghosts that invade will determine your day
Silence, still, & quiet your mind
Removing the ghosts one by one.

Sunset 2
Photograph, ©2022 Miroslava Panayotova

“You who own the world’s pain”

You who own the world’s pain, please
give some of it back
          you don’t deserve it all.
You have told me for hours
about your miseries,
but you have not even begun
          to understand mine.
It is the violence that makes us mad
If we are at the point where a man
Is better off in jail than free, then
          where is God?

the mirror of sand

                    the old man
has entered the mirror of sand
“what are you doing, sir, what are you looking for 
                    in the pearly shade?
what are you looking for 
          there in the sand?”

“soon all these houses will be torn down”
          said the old man
          nothing left but the trees”
I said “never will someone come out
          of the darkness and rob thee” 

but he said
“the weapons that were
           once out there 
and sharpened themselves for war
          are now inside us 
                    sharpening themselves
          sharpening themselves
                    inside thee”

©2022 Dennis Formento
All rights reserved

Dennis Formento…

…lives in Slidell, Louisiana, USA, near his native New Orleans. Books of poetry include Spirit Vessels and Looking for An Out Place (FootHills Publishing, 2018 and 2010.) Cineplex (Paper Press, 2014,) Edited Mesechabe: The Journal of Surregionalism 1990-2001 and fronted the free-jazz/free-verse band, the Frank Zappatistas. St. Tammany Parish organizer of poetry events for 100,000 Poets for Change, a network of poets for peace, sustainability and justice world-wide.


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