A chanson ,
A clinking harmonic tune is fluxing through my genie ,
Like a melodious chant of the monks in a cloister ,
Like a fluty ode of a shepherd in a green meadow ,
Like a rhythmic carol of a venerator in a church ,
It’s waving through the windy cascade ,
Ringing the bells of the churches and temples ,
Nodding the polite petunias,
Conquering the Thames and the Nile .

Dancing on the stages of the Eastern and Western Ghats ,
Kissing the bluish veil of the  Nilgiri ,
It has adored my land ,
Bewitching  the four
grooves of my heart ;
O -the  melodious harmony !
How placid you are !
Capering from a clandestine place ,
Fluttering your wings like a migratory bird ,
Never leave me desolate ;
Lock me in your embrace
Alike folded  feathers of a swan for her brood of ducklings ,
Plunge me into your gleeful high tide ,
Let me repose my eyes to an unknown galaxy beyond the Orion ,
Let me submerge into your authentic sustainability ,
Let me endue the star studded garment of the murky sky ,
Smearing the flood of the watery moonbeam ,
Let me fill my costrel -my pale bosom with your rich wine of musical justice ,
Until my last breath ,
Until the dernier particle of my entity resides on the argil ,
Of this fairy globe .

© 2017, Kakali Das Ghosh

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