I Bring the World with Me | Corina Ravenscraft

This quarter’s theme at The BeZine is sustainABILITY: shaping uncertain future(s). How do we choose the best paths to sustain (broadly defined) the Earth (focused on the climate crisis) our lives, our children’s, and our grandchildren’s?

If you care about the future beyond your own mortality, it can feel overwhelming to think of all of the problems facing the next generations. I’m only one person, you might think. What can I possibly do that will make a difference? The thing is, we each can only control ourselves and our own actions. We cannot control what other people do or don’t do. It’s about personal responsibility and accountability. It’s possible to inspire others by our own actions. And when enough people take personal actions, it adds up. The oceans are formed one drop of water at a time. Change happens one action at a time. What’s that old saying, Be the Change you wish to see in the world.”? One step, one action at a time, we CAN reach a sustainable future. Are you with us? 🙂

“I Bring the World” by Corina Ravenscraft © 2022
I bring the world with me,
In the choices I make.
I recycle because I care,
About the rivers, oceans, lakes,
See there, the giant gyres
Of our garbage and goop;
The world has quite enough plastic soup! 
I bring the world with me,
When I
Refuse plastic straws,
So that turtles don’t die.
When I choose “Dolphin Safe”
For the tuna I buy,
To the snacks with Palm Oil on the label,

I bring the world with me,
By becoming aware,
Of how my personal actions,
Affect the land, water and air.
Like how many bags
Of trash,
We each create?
Have you counted your number?
Care to speculate?

I bring the world with me,
Because we’re all connected.
Each action (or not),
A drop,
In a Change-fueled wave,
Any bad practice can be
For this world,
We bring with us,
It’s ours to save.

©2022 C.L.R
All rights reserved


Be inspired… Be creative… Be peace… Be

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