I don’t want the mudless path
no dirt on my shiny shoe
Give me fossilized rocks
epoch charms and tiny clumps
jammed and stuck on my
lackadaisical sole

Give me bumpy ruts
and jaggedy juts
Jar my sensibly hued horizon
Paint heaven cornsilk blue
with feathers of rye grass

Punctuate lanes with baby turtles
and dressed up daisies
Let goldenrods gather at my feet
And dot my path with puddle-mirrored clouds
One-god-white tufts
sweeping sparrow butting in

Blow puffs of thistledown my way
feathered seeds prancing
on golden-fizzed rays
As the days dwindle
I’ll feel their tickle…and smile

© Sharon Frye


I curate The Poet by Day, and am a freelance writer, poet, content editor, and blogger. The Poet by Day [] is an info hub for writers meant to encourage good but lesser-known poets, women and minority poets, outsider artists, and artists just finding their voices in maturity. The Poet by Day is dedicated to supporting freedom of artistic expression and human rights. Email for permissions, commissions, or assignments. I am also the founding editor of "The BeZine" and manage all associated activities. Email:

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