Life Songs | Shira Chai

Painting / poem (click on image to zoom)
Shira Chai ©2015

Let the wall climb…

Let the wall climb.
Let it rise.
Let it cling to the sky.

Let us keep them out,
keep us in,
them and us
us and them.

Let us divide kin from kin,
neighbor from neighbor
village from village.

Call it the wall of lament,
of wrath,
of greed.

Call it the senseless wall,
the aching wall,
the burning wall.

Make it a wall that can be seen through without being seen,
a wall that can be listened through without listening.

Make it a wall of ignorance that cannot be ignored.

Now is the moment…

Now is the moment
             the moment before the dawn
             the moment that belongs to us.

The moment before
                                    the warm sunlight filters
                                    through shutter slats,
                                   spread wide like fingers.
The moment before pillars of smoke
                        before the reek of burning rubber, 
                        before the shriek of sirens.

The moment of intimacy,
The moment when your body spoons mine,
                       when your arms strengthen me,
                       when your hands cradle my breasts. 

The moment before the dawn
The moment of reverence,
                        of stillness.

Oh yes, my love 
                     this is our supreme moment.

Almond Trees
Painting / poem (click on image to zoom)
Shira Chai ©2020

Shall give you amazing almond orchards…

Shall give you amazing almond orchards,
                                         in full bloom.
                                                   row after row,
                                                   tree after tree,
                                                   white on white.

Shall give you this and also my heart
                                                        blooming white.

Shall give you endless terrain,
                                           petals on petals,
                                           sweet fragrance
                                           almond blossoms.

Shall give you this and also my heart
                                                       surrendering white.
A distant billow of smoke, 
the crackle of gunfire,

Shall give you,
                        my hand
                        as we wander between trees  
                                                  between almond blossoms
                                                  between confidential kisses.

Beyond the Horizon
Painting / poem (click on image to zoom)
Shira Chai ©2012

©2022 Shira Chai
All rights reserved

Shira Chai…

…is a painter, teacher and artist who writes poetry. From an early age she began journaling. The words soon became poetry and part of her paintings. She embosses the words into the paint. Ms. Chai has exhibited in Detroit, New York, Tel Aviv and various Kibbutzim, in group and solo exhibitions. Shira has been a member of Kibbutz Ein Dor since 1983. She has recently published poetry in ARC 25 and 26, journals of IAWE (Israeli Association of Writers in English).

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