Logging-Out of Bullying School

We all disapprove of bullying in schools
that seems to be clear to everyone
at least on a theoretical level.
Yet we never fully log out.
And you ask me why?
Why do we consent shouting
at a school sports competition?
What about a neighbors meeting
where we yell at each other?
Introduction to Fast and Furious,
driving carelessly, unaware of the shouts,
our children sitting at the back of our cars.
What about whatsapp messages
sending all kinds of insults because
we didn’t like another person’s opinion?
Why are we reproducing and creating
all kinds of male chauvinist jokes,
racist jokes, homophobic jokes?
What about the pranks still played
on first course university students?
No, computer games are not made
by our children but they trivialize violence
like those violent movies and series
our children watch. Therefore,
it is unacceptable that who governs
and dictates justice allows all this
to happen without impunity.
We may have wonderful anti-bullying programs
in our schools but meanwhile
society tells our children:
“Be aggressive and you will succeed in life!”
So, please, here I tell you:
“Log out of bullying school,
for coherence because
we need to live together
respecting each other and
we need to fight harassment.”

© 2015-2019, Marta Pombo Sallés

(inspired by a newspaper article written by educational advisor Juanjo Fernández)


The focus of "The BeZine," a publication of The Bardo Group Beguines, is on sacred space (common ground) as it is expressed through the arts. Our work covers a range of topics: spirituality, life, death, personal experience, culture, current events, history, art, and photography and film. We share work here that is representative of universal human values however differently they might be expressed in our varied religions and cultures. We feel that our art and our Internet-facilitated social connection offer a means to see one another in our simple humanity, as brothers and sisters, and not as “other.” This is a space where we hope you’ll delight in learning how much you have in common with “other” peoples. We hope that your visits here will help you to love (respect) not fear. For more see our Info/Mission Statement Page.

13 thoughts on “Logging-Out of Bullying School

  1. Dear Jamie Dedes and dear team of the Bardo Group Beguines,
    thank you so much for including my poem in this issue. I am humbled to have your support and will reference your publication in my next blogpost. Warm regards, Marta Pombo Sallés

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  2. The belief in a Darwinian
    survival of the fittest seems
    to confer to some a primordial
    right to prey on others, and
    ‘thin out the herd’.
    I much prefer a social ethos
    based on “Do unto others as
    you’d have done to yourself”.
    And where might doesn’t make

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  3. Bullying is bad, everyone says it, laws are on the books, common sense and common hearts all know – still we see it, it happens and it happens in many ways. It is a good issue to shed light on. Well done.

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