Meyaledet (Midwife) | Julia Knobloch

I am your sister and your mother and the mother
of the children you fathered after you left me
I took you out of your parents’ house
taught you the desire to be free, the need to settle down
I come from a fragrant ocher city
cistern for poets, gate to the heavens
I live in open spaces, near river banks and estuaries
in mountains and in forests
The evening sun renders my skin bronze
I caress the waning shimmer, inhale the smell of fertile soil
humidity -- crescent of creation, essence of intimacy
Earth-bound is my piety
I worship best in nature
I knew shelter, I knew pleasure
I took care of flesh and blood
I skipped barefoot through summer rain
rose pear smell mingling with my pulse
I was courage, I was patience
wine and bread were always on my table
How strange it is, not to be seen
I bestow my lustrous berries
my rocking chairs, my seat in the family car
I am your sister and your mother and the mother of your children.
I carry universes, untold love.

©2022 Julia Knobloch
All rights reserved

Instant of Heaven
Photograph ©Daisy Tsvete

Julia Knobloch…

…is studying to be a rabbi as well as being a poet and literary event organizer. As part of her studies, she is living this year in Jerusalem.

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