Mind / Body Epistemology — Dennis Formento

no idea what all I know

I have no idea
what all I know

buried inside that I’ve forgotten
what I’ve just said is true
because I feel it’s certain

difficulty in distinguishing personal perception
from objective reality, a reality 
always subject to power 

but do you bump into things
because you can’t tell where they are

so if truth begins with self-knowledge
evaluation of one’s own state of mind
manner of knowing
and ability to understand
bleeding into ethics

intend to do no harm

with one’s knowledge 
& seeking

knowing that much 
is to know myself
is the beginning


yuj         to yoke

	to yoke
to mind the source, the body

“I know my body, the body is the object”
	I the observer know the object
so I am not my body

I know my thoughts
I am not those thoughts
that rush through the halls of mindlessness
making riot in the Capitol

the guilt, the anger, repressed desire

I know my face, I am not this face
I am not this poem writing itself 
on the back of my hand
I am not my face and hands
I am not the observer, not the witness 
nor is there one 		mind
sealed in a small envelope

My god is constant self-interrogation
neuroses, my powerlessness and belief in this

time-consuming, life-consuming business
of filling our hands with stuff, keeping our faces busy
stuffing our mouths 
life consuming life
	being and becoming	

©2019–2021 Dennis Formento
All rights reserved

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One thought on “Mind / Body Epistemology — Dennis Formento

  1. There is so much here to relish poetically, to be repulsed and reprimanded by and make us want more carefully to monitor our “thoughts … that rush through the halls of mindlessness
    making riot in the Capitol”. Yuj to Yoke is a piece I need to revisit and read again. Thank you so much for your contribution, Dennis.

    Liked by 1 person

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