“no visible mark” — Judy DeCroce

Teeny’s Barn

a smell of cows
stone walls in ruin

scattered wood
a contrary face—

that sliding roof
scrubbed by winter;

unneeded, unheeded,
difficult and drafty,

as reality closes in
refreshing the land,

Teeny’s barn
all but fallen, yet,

holding to stubbornness
in its determination

                   for Wilson (Teeny) Luce

The First Pilgrim

Shadows that leave no visible mark
wait as I ripple the air.

I’m becoming the art finding its way.

Hidden beneath March’s dead leaves;
a phantasm of possibilities.

My new feathery green
nudges a promising landscape,

there, on its way to something else.

©2021 Judy DeCroce
All rights reserved

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