One More Covid | Ed Ahern

One More Time

Before too long the covid masking will intrude into my life,
with muffled words and itchy face of public need,
and yet another shot to warranty against the looming rife
of viruses that seem to change with fiendish speed.

The obstinate among us stand their ground and often die
but not before they also often help it breed,
a nurture of a fatal part of nature better to defy
than to abet and proudly ask it in to feed.

Covid Largesse

Aesop got it wrong.
Or at least incomplete.
This life-long ant realizes
some of my money will outlive me.
And here comes a Covid check.
More for the kids? Not likely.
But how to best squander it?
I’m too old for expensive vices,
and already giving things away.
Spas and salons are wasted
on a wrinkled, bald man.
What’s left is geriatric dissipation.
Grasshopper trips and meals,
shows and concerts,
gorged on at sedate pace,
with lessened senses and focus
and an age restricted diet.

Gerry Shepherd
Poet in a Public Place

Poetry ©2021 Ed Ahern
All rights reserved


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