Palestinian Voices | Anonymous

This is an anonymous submission by a Palestinian, after the shooting of a young woman near an IDF checkpoint — via Ester Karen Aida

I feel angry at the tyranny of injustice and darkness on our lives.
I feel angry at the lack of hope.
I feel angry because the value of human life has become zero. Decided by a distressed or terrified soldier at a checkpoint.
I feel angry that most of the peoples of the earth enjoy freedom and my people are occupied and enslaved.
I get angry when my life or death is decided by an extremist and spiteful.
I feel angry at the spread of racism and hatred.
I am angry that I am being targeted because of my national and religious affiliation.
I don't hate people but I feel let down.
I hope that the humanitarian principles of freedom, justice and sympathy will prevail throughout my country, a freedom that does not differentiate between a person and a person because of their national, religious or sexual affiliation.


Another anonymous submission by a Palestinian — via Ester Karen Aida

We will keep knocking on the doors of your hearts.

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